GQ Does Pull-ups

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September 16, 2019

In my quest to be better to improve my pull-up performance I realize that I am not alone. GQ Magazine recently published an article about other exercises that help improve your pull-up ability. Apparently, I’m not the only guy struggling.

6 Exercises to Help You Get Better at Pull-ups

Exercises That Will Prep You For Perfect Pullups

Executing a flawless pull-up is one of life’s most difficult tasks, along with wearing denim on denim, achieving the ideal peanut-butter-to-jelly ratio, and going on a first date without spilling something on yourself.

From the Article

If you can’t yet crank out four sets of 15 without needing a literal boost, don’t fret. Try incorporating these six exercises into your routine—they’re like the building blocks of the pull-up, and they’ll help develop the back and arm strength necessary to get you up and over the bar.

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