So I was asked to help create a celebration of life video for a friend who lost her brother-in-law. Very difficult time for the family and I was very happy to help out.


The family and friends live all over the country which means I wasn’t simply scanning old photos and having pictures emailed to me from family members. The bulk of the files were emailed to me, but the family put out a call for photos, quotes, stories and messages and I had them coming in from every source imaginable.

A couple people used Dropbox, others used Google Drive, iCloud and one person even provided their Facebook credentials so I could just go grab the photos I needed.


While this story is about a video I put together the thing that really amazed me was how easy it is to use cloud storage. So many different options, so inexpensive and yet you have people who are not storing/backing up critical files.

One a personal level I use cloud storage for several things including:

– Google Drive: personal file access
– iCloud: backup of my iPhone
– Dropbox: work related sharing of large files with vendors
– LastPass: cloud-based password manager
I find it really handy to have access to tons of files no matter where I am and no matter what device I’m using. So freakin’ cool!


There are also some really good, easy to use cloud based backup solutions. Carbonite is the one I’m move familiar with, but there are others.

Considering the cost of cloud backup or local backup solutions I just don’t understand users who don’t back stuff up more helpful hints. Yes, computers, tablets and phones are reliable, but so reliable you don’t need backup? Yeah, I think not.


If you haven’t used one of the cloud based storage solutions… try one. You’ll be amazed at the simplicity and the amazing feeling of having access to your files anywhere, anytime. My guess is you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using these services before. And if you haven’t used a backup solution in the past try one of the many solutions. A word to the wise…

“Jesus saves and so should you!“